CAMPUS AMBASSADOR program started by Seven Motors is an approach to recognize the enthusiastic, hard-working and motivated individuals by providing them opportunities to represent Seven Motors in their campus. Ambassadors plan and host few events during the college period, promote Seven Motors in their college, introduce students to new Events or competitions started by Seven Motors and act as campus contact for Seven Motors Team.

Who we are looking for:

  • B.Tech/BE, M.Tech/ME & MS students are eligible for this.
  • Extremely proactive, enthusiastic students who are looking to get real experience working on a large scale nation-wide event
  • Having good communication skills and Leadership qualities
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Being a member of a Student club or organizing team of a fest in your college
  • Held a position of responsibilities currently/previously in school/college
  • Active on social media/ maintains a blog
  • Can we entrust, by carrying the brand name of Seven Motors, you will be helping us to take it to more number of students in your college and city?
  • Passion for learning, innovation and information sharing


Being the Campus Ambassador of your college comes with its many perks. Apart from getting an opportunity to work with Seven Motors team, you also get to meet new people and get them engaged in the workshops or other services offered by Seven Motors. This position will teach you to take responsibility and ownership for your actions; traits which are deeply valued and prized in the world today and will give you the upper hand in any job interview/internship/placement you sit for. Other benefits are-

  • Get work experience certificate as a Campus Ambassador at Seven Motors
  • Campus Ambassador can attend any paid workshop/seminar organized by Seven Motors free of cost without paying any fee for training across the country
  • Earn on every workshop organized by you
  • Gain skills like team work, event management, media relations, negotiation and presentation skills.
  • Add the Seven Motors Campus Ambassador Program experience to your resume
  • Get personalized Seven Motors ID cards that you can show off!
  • You can credit yourself as a Campus Ambassador in your email signatures, LinkedIn profile, blogs, personal pages etc.
  • Participate in our global campaigns and make Seven Motors known around your campus.
  • Placement Assistance

Responsibilities to handle:

  • The ambassador will be responsible to promote Seven Motors in his/her college/university and need to organize the events/workshops of Seven Motors in his/her college/university.
  • Ambassador should participate actively and motivate others to join & participate maximum
  • Ambassadors should be clear with the idea of Seven Motors working, agenda and perspective.
  • Ambassador should not do biasing with a student or a group of students
  • Circulate online posters via social media/ student email groups and Whatsapp groups
  • Share the poster on personal social media pages, on your college pages and share the link with us. Poster will be provided by us.
  • Share an email in college mailing lists. We will send you a version of the email to be sent.
  • Put up 10 posters provided by us in popular hangouts for college students in your city - for example notice boards in CCD and other coffee shops that students frequently go. We will send you the printed posters. (send us pictures of these activities)


How to apply:

  • Read all information about Seven Motors campus Ambassador Program, responsibilities, and prerequisites.
  • To apply for Seven Motors campus Ambassador, Click Here

Write to us at

Membership & Benefits

Who can become a member?

    All the undergraduate students can register to Seven Motors, in the student’s registration zone. All the professional engineers can register to the professional registration zone.

What are the benefits?

  •  Student Membership Benefits
    •  will participate in SGP and other events.
    •  will get access to an online e-library and publish their own technical papers, journals, articles, e-books.
    •  will get weekly newsletters.
    •  will participate in magazine development.
    •  will get monthly webinars on various technical topics.
    •  can participate in workshops.
    •  can participate in design show.
    •  will get real time experience in guidance of other professionals.
    •  will get tutorials on autocad, solid works, catia, ansys, matlab.
    •  can blog on various topics.
    •  can work as a volunteer.
    •  will get all types of the certifications.

  • Professional Membership Benefits
    •  can work with us.
    •  publish their journals.
    •  can run their bolgs.
    •  can write content for the magazine.
    •  can directly participate in SGP as a managing committe member.


India’s first off-road magazine, 7 Motors (All about ATV) is owned and operated by Seven Motors Pvt Ltd. We believe and work to transform knowledge into skill and imagination into knowledge. Every transformation must need’s some driving tools and direction.

We have devoted ourselves bestowing our content with the highest quality and we have decided to push the boundaries further and strive for new goal.

7 MOTORS features section showcase articles for engineering student in India as well as for those who love four wheeling ATV action covers all aspect of high performance ATV riding.

7 MOTORS (All about ATV) is India’s 1st ATV magazine covering the best technical knowledge on ATV, ATV’s off-road review, hunting, ATVs safety work, Students designing ATV’s in India, ATV NEWS & REPORT…


About Digital Library

What is a digital library? There is much confusion surrounding this phrase as there seems to be different definitions of digital library from different point of view. The term digital library has a variety of potential meanings, ranging from a digitized collection of material that one might find in a traditional library through to the collection of all digital information along with the services that make that information useful to all possible users. As there are many definitions of a "digital library", terms such as "electronic library" and "virtual library" are often used synonymously. A digital library is nothing but a large database for the people who are working on hypertext environment. It is an environment, which supports the full life cycle of creation, storage, preservation, dissemination and use of data, information and knowledge. In more simple way, we can say that ‘Digital libraries are the digital face of traditional libraries that include both digital collections and traditional, fixed media collections.'

Features and Benefits:

  •  Finger-tip access to different technical books and journals
  •  Browse the digital library by keyword, author or a combination of criteria
  •  Not confined to any physical boundary
  •  Enhanced information retrieval

About Webinar

In simple words, a "Webinar" is a Web Based Seminar, is a presentation, lecture, workshop or seminar that is transmitted over the Web using video conferencing software. Now-a-days, as the Technology is becoming quite advanced, webinar is an easier way to reach out students far away from the speaker or "The HOST". Seven Motors will be organizing Webinars or say "Series of Webinars" for students in order to allow the students gain some Industrial Experience via Industrial EXPERTS.

  • The present scenario tells that Undergraduates need to roam around here and there to gain some Industrial Experience; it can be done in the college campus as well. Others hardly care, Seven Motors do care about you.

  • Industrial Experts will be available directly on the webinar platform where students have the chance to clear their doubts that are yet to be cleared out.

  • Our main Aim is to introduce the ATV Technology which is quite unknown from large amount of students of the country; we tend to bring a new revolution in the field of ATV and what better to have rather than many brilliant minds of the country that can join us in this revolution.

  • With the help of the webinar platform, SEVEN MOTORS looks to have a direct relationship with students and help them out achieve their goals.

We look forward to expand our family as huge as "UNIVERSE".




About Tutorials

A tutorial is a method of transferring knowledge and used vastly as a part of a learning process. It is typically set up as a series of steps that progress through levels of difficulty and understanding. It is more interactive and specific than a book or a lecture. A tutorial seeks to teach by example and supply the information to complete a certain task. Internet computer tutorials can take the form of a screen recording, a written document (either online or downloadable), interactive tutorial, or an audio file, where a person will give step by step instructions on how to do something.

Seven Motors inspires student to have the deep knowledge of the subject. We work to offer best and convenient technical knowledge to students.

Tutorials usually have the following characteristics:

  •  A presentation of the view usually explaining and showing the user the user interface

  •  A demonstration of a process, using examples to show how a workflow or process is completed; often broken up into discrete modules or sections.

  •  Some method of review that reinforces or tests understanding of the content in the related module or section.

  •  A transition to additional modules or sections that builds on the instructions already provided. Tutorials can be linear or branching.