“STUDENT GRAND PRIX (SGP)” is well known for providing a platform to the engineering students to recognise their skills and express them through the real-world projects. SGP is an intercollegiate engineering design and fabrication competition for undergraduate engineering students. The main objective of this competition is to make the engineering students aware of the real-world engineering design and manufacturing projects and the challenges associated with them.

The SGP competition challenges engineering students as a team to conceive, design, fabricate, test and compete with an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) within the limits of the rules.

Seven Motors has recently concluded the 2nd season of SGP “SGP-2K18”. The event was organised on 23rd- 24th March 2018 at NBKR Institute of Science and Technology, Vidyanagar, Nellore. This season, SGP has witnessed a great success surpassing the success of 1st season. Participants shared some light moments during static events as well as some nerve-braking tense moments during the dynamic events.

SGP, conducted by Seven Motors Team, is two days event i.e. Static Events on 1st day along with "Employability Skill Test" conducted in association with Wheebox and Dynamic Events on 2nd day followed by Prize Distribution. Static event consists of Design presentation, Cost Presentation and team presentation. Whereas, Dynamic event consists of Acceleration Test, Skid-Pad Test, Autocross and Endurance Test.

After overcoming all the challenges thrown at them, Team “MEGATRONS” from Sengunthar College of Engineering emerged as the Winner of SGP-2k18. Team “MEC WRENCH WRANGLERS” from Mailam Engineering College is the 1st Runner-up and Team “GEPARD” from Madnapalle Institute of Technology & Science is the 2nd Runner-up of SGP-2k18. The Best Innovation Award is bagged by Team “MEC WRENCH WRANGLERS” from Mailam Engineering College and the award for Best Driver goes to N. S. Kesarinath, Driver & Captain of Team “MEGATRONS” from Sengunthar College of Engineering.

                  Winner                                                   1st Runner-up                                       2nd Runner-up
           Team "MEGATRONS"                   Team "MEC WRENCH WRANGLERS"                           Team "GEPARD"
     Sengunthar College of Engineering                           Mailam Engineering College                     Madnapalle Institute of Technology & Science

                                            Best Innovation                                                      Best Driver
                              Team "MEC WRENCH WRANGLERS"                         N.S. Kesarinath,
 Driver & Captain
                                           Mailam Engineering College                                           Sengunthar College of Engineering

SGP-2K18 Highlights:

Highlights of SGP-2K17:

Founder & CEO of Seven Motors addressing participants

Our honourable chief guests addressing participants

Cost analysis and Design Presentation by respective teams

Placement Exam of participants using smartphones

Local Law Enforcement helps to run smoothly

Testing of ATVs

Mec wrench Wranglers-  Winner of SGP-2K17

Storm Riders- Runner up of SGP-2K17

Best Innovation Award-  25 Nightmares

Registration process is made simple for the team. Each team has to register online for the SGP. Team captain or any member from team can visit Seven Motors website (www.sevenmotors.in) to register their team. On reaching the website, go to Competition >> Student Grand Prix >>Team Registration.

Fill up the team registration form and your team is registered for the SGP-2k18. Step by step process of registration is depicted via images.

Step 1 & 2: Visit Seven Motors website, go to Student Grand Prix (SGP) in competitions section and click on team registration link to register your team.

Step 3: Fill up the team registration form. You will receive a confirmation mail, click on the activation link sent to your mail id. 

Step 4: Login to your dashboard.

Step 5: Make the payment using respective phase payment link from your dashboard.

Step 6: You can add & edit your team members and faculty from your dashboard.

Registration Fee

In order to participate in the SGP competition, each team has to pay the Registration Fee of INR 50,000. The registration fee has to be paid in two phases i.e. Phase A and Phase B. Each team has to pay INR 30,000 in phase A and INR 20,000 in phase B. The registration fee can be paid either via online payment mode or offline payment mode. Registration fees are Not Refundable or transferable. The fee must be paid before the deadline given for the respective phases.

Note: To encourage the participation of girls in the competition, Seven Motors is providing 25% of concession on team registration fee to girls' team.

Mode of Payment

The registration fees can be paid either via Online payment mode or offline Payment Mode.

  • Online Payment Mode: To make the payment online, team has to visit their dashboard and chose the respective payment phase link and follow the further steps to complete the payment.

Note: Payment link for the Phase B will be active only after the completion of Phase A payment.

  • Offline Payment Mode: Team can deposit the registration fee directly to the Seven Motors account in any nearest Bank of Baroda branch or other banks by using NEFT/RTGS.

Account Details:

Bank – Bank of Baroda

A/C Name- Seven Motors Private Limited

A/C No. – 50350200000045

Branch – Madhurawada, Visakhapatnam

IFSC – BARB0MADVIS (fifth letter is zero)

A/C Type- Current Account

Note- After making payment using offline mode, each team must mail the scanned copy of acknowledgement/Counter foil at support@sevenmotors.in with subject “Payment Details SGP-2k18”. Team will receive the confirmation mail within 24 hours of the payment.

# Title Download
# Title Download
1 SGP Vehicle Design Booklet
2 SGP-2K18 Revised Schedule

  1. How to register for the SGP Competition?

Ans: Refer the “Reg Guidelines” section to register your team.


  1. How many teams can register?

Ans: Maximum of 50 teams are allowed for this competition. First 50 teams who have registered and made the payment successfully will be considered only.


  1. How many teams from a college/university can participate?

Ans: More than one team from same institution/College/University is eligible to participate. If more than one team participating from same college/institution/University, the team must have different in Team name, Team logo, color of vehicle, Team jerseys/Uniforms and No team member can be common in other team.

  1. What is the registration Fee and mode of payment?

Ans: Go through the "Reg Guidelines" Section.


  1. How many team members can be there in a team?

Ans: A team can have minimum of 5 members and maximum of 25 members. A maximum of 2 faculty advisors is allowed per team.


  1. We have registered our team, so are we selected for SGP Competition & can we start to build our ATV?

Ans: Yes, all teams who have successfully registered are selected for the final event. The team can start the designing and fabrication right after the completion of their registration following “ATV and its Accessories Design” booklet provided by Seven Motors and the rulebook. Or, the team can wait for the designing training sessions and can start thereafter. The training will be provided on scheduled dates as mentioned in the Rulebook.


  1. How is the designing training will be provided?

Ans. The designing training will be provided to registered team members through our online platform.


  1. Do we need to be on a particular center to attend the designing training sessions?

Ans. No, you can attend the training from anywhere as per your convenience. You need to have only proper internet connection.  


  1. Will there be any ‘Virtuals’ conducted?

Ans: No Virtuals would be conducted. However, proof of running vehicle in the form of pictures and video might be asked.


  1. When do we submit our registration fees?

Ans: After registration, teams need to pay the registration fees of the respective phases before their deadline mentioned in the Rulebook. Teams who pay their registration fees earlier will be confirmed for the final event and registration will close after 50 confirmed teams.


  1. What are the competition Date?

Ans: May 2018


  1. What is the competition venue?

Ans: Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh.


  1. Will we provide accommodation/food at the competition?

Ans: Accommodation, food, and transportation facilities will be available with some nominal charges.


  1. Who can participate?

Ans: Students pursuing B.Tech/Diploma degree are eligible. Student who has completed B.Tech/Diploma in 2017 is also eligible for the participation.


  1. Is there any rule to make the Vehicle?

Ans: Refer to our rulebook.


  1. Who finances the participating teams?

Ans: Teams can request for sponsorships from different organizations and their College/Institution.


  1. What is the reward for the winner teams?

Ans: The reward worth of more than INR 2,50,000/- will be distributed among the winner teams. Apart from this, Certifications and job recommendations to core companies will be provided to the participants.

Membership & Benefits

Who can become a member?

    All the undergraduate students can register to Seven Motors, in the student’s registration zone. All the professional engineers can register to the professional registration zone.

What are the benefits?

  •  Student Membership Benefits
    •  will participate in SGP and other events.
    •  will get access to an online e-library and publish their own technical papers, journals, articles, e-books.
    •  will get weekly newsletters.
    •  will participate in magazine development.
    •  will get monthly webinars on various technical topics.
    •  can participate in workshops.
    •  can participate in design show.
    •  will get real time experience in guidance of other professionals.
    •  will get tutorials on autocad, solid works, catia, ansys, matlab.
    •  can blog on various topics.
    •  can work as a volunteer.
    •  will get all types of the certifications.

  • Professional Membership Benefits
    •  can work with us.
    •  publish their journals.
    •  can run their bolgs.
    •  can write content for the magazine.
    •  can directly participate in SGP as a managing committe member.


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  • The present scenario tells that Undergraduates need to roam around here and there to gain some Industrial Experience; it can be done in the college campus as well. Others hardly care, Seven Motors do care about you.

  • Industrial Experts will be available directly on the webinar platform where students have the chance to clear their doubts that are yet to be cleared out.

  • Our main Aim is to introduce the ATV Technology which is quite unknown from large amount of students of the country; we tend to bring a new revolution in the field of ATV and what better to have rather than many brilliant minds of the country that can join us in this revolution.

  • With the help of the webinar platform, SEVEN MOTORS looks to have a direct relationship with students and help them out achieve their goals.

We look forward to expand our family as huge as "UNIVERSE".




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Seven Motors inspires student to have the deep knowledge of the subject. We work to offer best and convenient technical knowledge to students.

Tutorials usually have the following characteristics:

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